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Mini Kit Towel

Art no. FA200-558162

Never find yourself without towel tablets when spending time outdoors. These light travel friendly, cotton fiber compressed pills decompress with water and expand to a dish towel size rag for convenient personal care when you don’t have the conveniences of home. Add water and one small pill becomes approx. 28×23 cm. The towels are made of recycled biodegradable rayo.

Product Description

  1. Non-woven material, it is breathable and comfortable.
  2. Low allergenic, no irritation to the skin.
  3. Good water absorption. When you put the towel into water, instant absorb water, the towel expansion. Because the non- woven materials have good strength, after absorbing water, product is not damaged.
  4. Material is easy degradation,environment protection.
  5. Material is lighter, small size,easy to carry.


INTENDED USES: For travel and home use. Can be used to clean the skin and other objects.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Open the bag, put the product into water, the product will immediately absorb water. And can be then be used to clean skin.

CAUTION FOR USE: Small article, easily be swallowed by children and cause suffocation, keep away f rom children. The product can be used only once.


Package material: LDPE. Package size: 7x9cm Towel material: non-woven. Folded Diameter: 2cm Unfolded size: 25X24cm Weight Per Square Meter of non-woven 35g/m2 Wight of towel without polybag: 2.25g Water absorption:300g/m2