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Mini Kit Ear plugs


Foam ear plugs are effective and comfortable making them ideal for most noise protection applications when travelling.


Product Description

Bullet shape slow rebound earplug.
Reduce noise availably.
Smooth surface provide lasting comfort. Bright orange color for easy-to-see compliance.


INTENDED USES: Great for loud events, concerts, nightclubs, sleep, flying discomfort, etc. DIRECTIONS FOR USE: First try re-inserting the earplugs after carefully re-reading the directions. Be sure to insert the plug while pulling (with the opposite hand) up and back on the outer ear to straighten the ear canal. If you are still unsuccessful with a plug that has now warmed to body temperature, try another “cooler” plug. A plug that is cooler in temperature will retain its compressed shape and rigidity slightly longer, sometimes making it easier to insert. A sign that the earplug is sealing properly is that your own voice will sound more internal and exaggerated. CAUTION FOR USE: These earplugs were specifically designed to provide superior protection against noise, Which can not be used to seal out water. If these earplugs become soiled, they should be disposed of, which can not be cleaned.