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Kids Vest PT2000

The PT2000 safety vest for children between 2 and 10 years old has has proved popular for kids when they are cultivating outdoor sports activities. This vest is conforming to the European Standard
EN 1150:1999 (the standard applicable for non-professional use).

It increases visibility and, with its elasticised hook and loop-type fasteners, is easy for kids to use.

Art. No.

PT2000 XXXS 2-4 years 5500862012
PT2000 XXS 5-6 years 5500862112
PT2000 XS 7-10 years 5500862212

Product Description

Kids Vest measures:

PT2000XXXS.2-4years 39x43cm

PT2000XXS.5-6years 45x48cm

PT2000XS.7-10years 48x50cm