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Survival Blanket

Art no. FA200-558124

Survival blankets helps you regulate your body temperatures, which tend to drop drastically after having made tough activities. It also helps people staying warm in case of a sudden emergency.

Product Description

This Emergency Blanket provides personal protection from rain, wind, heat, and cold.
It is made from PET, extremely lightweight, flexible and can retain up 90% body heat in cold weather.
If encounter difficulties in the field, wrap the emergency blanket around the body,
The reflective effect can help the rescue people search for targets. When vehicle broke down in cold areas or at night, the Emergency Blanket can keep the body warm.
The Emergency blanket can also be used as a poncho in the rain.


INTENDED USES: Camping, car travel ,outdoor sport, mountain climbing, rainy days to block rain, sporting events in addition to Emergencies,etc. DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Open the packaging, unfold the emergency blanket. The silver side protects the people from heat, the gold side protects the people from the cold.


Material: PET( Polyethyleneterephthalate), Aluminum, Resin Wight: 55g +/- 5% Thickness: 1.5s Weight per m2: ≥16.5 g/m2 +/-5% Unfolded Size: 160 cm x 210 cm+/- 5% Folded Size: 8 cm x 12 cm+/- 5%