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Support Bandage

Art no. FA200-558148

The support bandage is perfect for sudden injuries. It provides Controlled compression – will not constrict. Provides protection, superior adhesion yet is easy to remove. It is sweat and water resistant with non-slip support.

Product Description

Hand tear spandex material.
Wrap will not slip so no Light weight, porous,allow, Soft yet strong fabrics. Water resistant, will not water.


INTENDED USES: Pressure bandage to promote circulation and healing sprains and strains. Compression bandage for hemostasis, varicosity, edema control. Protects primary dressings and provide controlled compression. Post-operatively leg wrap. DIRECTIONS FOR USE: To be applied to clean and dry skin. Adheres to itself, non-sticky to hair or skin. No pins or clips needed. CAUTION FOR USE: Remove tape when the patient is submitted to radiological examination or radiation treatment (risk of opacity in X-ray negatives or diffraction of ionizing radiations in treatment).


Fabric Material: Poplypropylene, Elastane(Spandex) Glue: Latex Peel Strength ≥ 1.5N/2.5cm Elastic ratio: 1:2 +/- 0.3 Weight per square meter of bandage without glue: 34 +/- 2g/ Weight per square meter of bandage with glue: 50 +/- 5g/