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Sports Bandage Non-elastic

Art no. FA200-558155

Non-elastic support bandage

Strong support bandages provide firm directional support for tissue injury and repair. Strong support bandaging usually follows compression (24-48 hours post injury depending on the amount of oedema). Mainly used to restrict movement, prevent oedema or act as a mechanism of support following soft tissue correction.

Product Description

Made of 100% cotton fabric, provide excellent tensile strength and superior conformability.
Non-elastic, rigid tape adheres strongly, but unwinds easily and consistently all the way to the core.

Will not transfer even under the most adverse conditions; Zigzag cut edge, very convenient to tear by hand.
Strong and ideal stickness.


INTENDED USES: To add support or restrict range of motion in the muscles and joints of player. To assist in the prevention or healing of sports-related injuries; Can also be used on equipment such as baseball bats, tennis racquets and hockey sticks. DIRECTIONS FOR USE: To be applied to clean and dry skin. Recommended for patients sensitized to traditional adhesive tape containing natural rubber. CAUTION FOR USE: Remove tape when the patient is submitted to radiological examination or radiation treatment (risk of opacity in X-ray negatives or diffraction of ionizing radiations in treatment). Non-sterile product, please avoid to contact the wound directly.


Peel Strength 5.0N/2.5cm Holding Adhesion 30Minutes Elastic ratio: 0 Weaving Method: Tatting Weft: 58 +/- 2/cm Warp:74 +/- 2/cm Weight per square meter with glue:180 +/- 10g/

Size & Weight

Packaged: Size 10,6 x 17 cm Weight 116 g Product measure: 10 m x 3,75 cm