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Anti Blister Tape

Art no. FA200-558179

Anti blister tape is a must for long outdoor walks if you want to prevent blisters. On the heel apply two or three separate strips of tape across the back of the heel. Do not overlap the tape. Do not have any wrinkles or bumps in the tape. Make tiny cuts in the tape if needed to allow better fit. On toes apply single strips of tape around each toe or finger. Try not to overlap the tape but finish just short of a join. Avoid having the joins in the tape where they might rub, for instance under or between the toes.

Product Description

High twist cotton, provides strength for dynamic strapping. Provide strong adhesion with minimal residue.
Porous construction, permitting skin to breathe and moisture to pass through.

Soft, cotton cloth conforms readily to joint contours, like elbow, knee and shoulders


Fabric Material: Cotton, Nylon, Elastane(Spandex) Glue: White hot melt glue Peel Strength≥ 1.5N/2.5cm Holding adhesion≥ 4 Minutes Elastic ratio: 1:1.5 +/- 0.2 Weight per square meter of bandage without glue: 135~145g/m2 Weight per square meter of bandage with glue: 220~230g/ m2