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“Make it to the top” Be comfortable and safe with RFX+Care Outdoor by your side.

The RFX+care outdoor product range is developed and designed for any outdoor activities whether it is professional or leisure.

The mission with RFX+care outdoor is to protect adventurers and explorers against nature’s elements.

The uncompromising values of quality and performance are built into each and every RFX+care outdoor product.

RFX+care outdoor first aid kits not only have the best quality contents, they are packaged to resist any weather and wear.

Our products have been tried and tested in the most hostile environments.

Whether enjoying the experience of different cultures by travelling the world or taking part in your own outdoor adventure, your health and safety should never be put at stake.

Our purpose with RFX+care outdoor is to provide the most excellent and essential protection for your need. We never compromise because we know you cannot afford to.

All products in this catalogue fulfill all requirements of European law and legal regulations. The products are all produced in accordance with ISO14001:2004  / EN ISO 20471:2013 / EN1150 / EN 13356